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    Vietnam’s M&A Market: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

    For foreign investors, Vietnam’s M&A market offers huge opportunities in the public and private sectors. M&A transactions have increased since 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018. Read more to know about the major M&A sectors, regulations, investor concerns, and opportunities in 2018.

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    Vietnam Issues New Competition Law

    Vietnam’s new Competition Law, which will come into effect in 2019, focuses on competition restraining agreements, regulatory authorities, economic concentration, and unfair competitive practices. Read more to know about the changes and how it will lead to a fair and competitive market.

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    Vietnam Releases the Administrative Procedure Compliance Costs Index

    The Administrative Procedures Compliance Costs Index quantifies the cost that individuals and firms must bear to comply with administrative procedures. Read more to know about the cost and time spent on compliance activities.

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    Vietnam: Media Habits of FMCG Consumers

    With rapidly changing consumer trends, advertising is key for attracting and retaining consumers in a dynamic emerging market like Vietnam. Read more to know about the different advertising channels and how consumers differ in terms of region, reach, and frequency.

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    Relocating to Vietnam to Mitigate the Effect of the US – China Trade War

    The US-China trade war has accelerated the trend of manufacturers realigning their supply chains to minimize risks. In addition to its geographic proximity, Vietnam offers several advantages for such businesses. Read more to know about the ways to minimize risks and what makes Vietnam a viable alternative.

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    Investment Protection in EU Vietnam FTA

    The legal review of the EU Vietnam FTA recently concluded. Now both parties will review the Investment Protection Agreement, which aims to protect investors and investments. Read more to know about the agreement, protection mechanism, tribunals, and alternative dispute settlement procedures.

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    Vietnam Approves Development Strategy for the Banking Sector till 2025

    Vietnam has issued a new development strategy for the banking sector until 2025 focusing on banking and monetary regulations, credit institutions, payment systems, and foreign exchange. Read more to know about the overall and periodic objectives the government hopes to achieve by 2025.

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    Vietnam to Restrict Surging Scrap Imports

    Vietnam has tightened control over the rapidly growing imports of scrap, which can impact the steel, paper, and plastic industries. Read more to know about the new regulations, customs inspections, and industry impact.

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    Vietnam Climbs 25 Places in World Bank’s Logistics Index

    Vietnam jumped 25 spots in the World Banks’s recent Logistics Performance Index, ranking 39th among 160 countries and 3rd among ASEAN member states. Read more to know the improved indicators and areas where it needs to focus to increase trade competitiveness.

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    Vietnam Tightens Multi-Level Marketing Regulations

    Vietnam has tightened the multi-level marketing regulations to minimize fraudulent activities, protect the rights of participants, and increase oversight. Read more to know about the new regulations for conducting multi-level sales.