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    Vietnam’s Average Wages on the Rise

    Vietnam’s average wages grew over 10 percent in 2017, with the private sector witnessing the highest growth, while the state-owned enterprises continue to have the highest salaries. Read more to know about the average wages, regional differences, the impact of FDI, and economic sectors with rising wages.

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    Vietnam Social Security Scheme Update for Expatriate Workers

    The government has issued the new Social Security Scheme for expatriate workers which will be in effect from December 1, 2018. Read more to know about the changes in contributions, payout options, and expat concerns.

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    The Mental Healthcare Industry in Vietnam

    Demand for all forms of healthcare in Vietnam is growing. Even the mental healthcare sector which is facing challenges such as social stigma, limited resources, and lack of medical professionals, offers opportunities for foreign investors. Read more to know about the industry, mental health care issues, and businesses opportunities.

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    Vietnam’s Food Safety Regulations

    Vietnam continues to reform its food safety regulations to reduce technical barriers and align itself with international practices. Read more to know about the food safety regulations and steps businesses should take to ensure compliance.

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    Vietnam’s Q1-Q3 Growth, the Fastest Since 2011

    Vietnam’s economy grew the fastest since 2011 in the first three quarters of 2018, largely driven by the industry, construction, and services sector. Read more to know about the economic expansion, industry growth, trade, FDI, and the major challenges for the next year.

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    Vietnam and AIIB: Meeting Infrastructure Needs

    Vietnam and the AIIB are working closely to meet the capital requirements in financing infrastructure investments in the country. Vietnam needs to strengthen its legal framework and the AIIB needs to increase financing if the country wants to meet its socio-economic development goals.

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    Vietnam Amends Business Registration Rules

    Vietnam has issued new rules simplifying the administrative procedures for business registration. Read more to know about the new provisions covering the application process, conversion of enterprises, charter capital, business locations, and other registration procedures.

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    Vietnam and the Middle East: Bilateral Trade Relations

    Bilateral trade between Vietnam and the Middle East continues to grow steadily. Firms do face unique challenges in the market, but the region offers huge opportunities for exporters. Read more to know about the bilateral trade, major commodities, top trading partners, and market challenges.

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    State Divestment: Exciting Opportunities for Investors

    Since the last few years, equitization has been a focus for the Vietnamese government. With 406 divestment planned until 2020, investors have an opportunity to invest in some of the largest companies in Vietnam. Read more to understand the divestment policy, investment hurdles, and the major companies to be divested.

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    Vietnam Releases the 2017 Economic Census

    Vietnam released the 2017 Economic Census, focusing on economic establishments, business activities, labor market, and outsourcing activities. Read more to know about the census results and how the FDI, State-owned, and non-state enterprises fare against each other.