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How Emerging Economies Vietnam and India Complement Each Other


Vietnam Briefing discusses the comparative advantages of two prominent China+1 markets.

Why Apple is Diversifying and Looking to Vietnam as an Alternate Production Center


Vietnam Briefing examines the reasons why businesses such as Apple are seeking to diversify their manufacturing and looking at Vietnam as a production base.

Vietnam Hit by Raw Material Shortages Disrupting Supply Chains: 7 Industries to Watch


Vietnam Briefing highlights raw material shortages disrupting supply chains including seven industries particularly impacted.

Impact of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act on Vietnam Exports to the US


Vietnam Briefing discusses the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act implemented by the US and its impact on Vietnamese exports to the US.

Vietnam’s Diversification of Trade and the China Plus One Strategy


Vietnam Briefing examines the complementary relationship between Vietnam and China as Vietnam develops as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Vietnam’s Machinery and Equipment Industry: Trends, Key Players, Market Entry Options


Vietnam Briefing highlights the machinery and equipment industry in Vietnam including key trends, players, and market entry options.

Why Vietnam Remains an Attractive Destination for US Businesses


Vietnam Briefing explores why Vietnam remains an attractive destination for US businesses contributed by a growing bilateral relationship.

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