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Domestic EV Major VinFast Gets Ambitious with New India Factory


Homegrown auto major, VinFast, is establishing a factory in southern India to manufacture electric vehicles, targeting the India, South Asian, Middle East, and African markets. It is testament to Vietnam’s rapidly advancing electric vehicle ecosystem and capacity for domestic innovation.

Vietnam’s Cross-Border Payments Infrastructure and ASEAN


Vietnam’s central bank has signed a memorandum of understanding to develop its cross-border payments service system with five other ASEAN member countries.

Planning for Uncertainty: Global Staffing Solutions to Facilitate Your Vietnam Market Entry


Global Staffing Solutions is a flexible entry strategy for businesses to test the Vietnamese market without needing to physically set up an operation.

Taxes for Foreign E-commerce Firms Earning an Income in Vietnam


Foreign e-commerce firms selling goods or services in Vietnam are now required to pay foreign contractor tax. Here’s what foreign firms should know about this latest development.

Vietnam’s 2024 Land Law: Significant Amendments and Key Changes


The 2024 amended Land Law in Vietnam brings significant changes to land valuation, rent payments, land use terms, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Settling Business Disputes: Commercial Arbitration in Vietnam


Vietnamese law permits the inclusion of dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts through the Commercial Arbitration Law of 2010. Here’s a breakdown of key provisions of the law and what foreign firms should pay attention to.

How to Register a Trademark in Vietnam


Intellectual property can be crucial to a firm’s success. Here’s what foreign firms need to know about registering trademarks in Vietnam.

Significant Cultural Events to Note When Doing Business in Vietnam


With Tet just days away the Vietnam Briefing takes a look at key cultural events in Vietnam and what foreign firms should know about these important holidays.

German-Vietnamese Cooperation on the Exchange of Skilled Workers


A German delegation visit to Vietnam from January 23-24 highlighted prospects for bilateral cooperation in developing Vietnamese skill labor. We discuss key points raised during the visit, including challenges and business growth opportunities.

The Future of Vietnam’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Unpacked


As a result of Vietnamese consumers having more money to spend on their healthcare, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry is booming. Here’s how Vietnam plans to manage that boom between now and 2030, and where it might be by 2045.

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