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State by State – Vietnam and Pennsylvania Trade


With a GDP of around US $663 million as of Q3 of 2015, the state of Pennsylvania is ranked as the United States’ sixth largest state economy, as such its trade with Vietnam is an area of intense interest.

State by State – Vietnam and Ohio Trade


Ohio is the 7th largest economy in the US and a big part of this has been thanks to the trade relationships Ohio-based companies have formed with other countries. One such key partner for the state is Vietnam

State by State – Vietnam and Colorado Trade


International trade is a significant factor in the economy of Colorado, where 43,615 jobs were supported by goods exports in 2014, a significance amplified by the need to plug its trade deficit, which stood at US$5.9 billion in 2014.

State by State: Vietnam and Arizona Trade


Trade relations between Arizona and Vietnam are growing steadily. Imports to Arizona from Vietnam reached US$105 million in 2014, having risen 21.6 percent in value from 2013, ranking the country as the 19th most important origin for imports in 2014.

State by State: Vietnam and Virginia Trade


Trade relations between Vietnam and Virginia are growing in importance. Virginia imported US$552 million from Vietnam in 2014, up 17 percent from 2013 and ranking the country in 13th place as an origin of the state’s imports.

State by State: Vietnam and New York State Trade


New York State’s US$1.57 billion trade deficit with Vietnam should encourage its residents to pay closer attention to the Southeast Asian ASEAN member.

State by State: Vietnam and California Trade


In 2014, California exported US$1.21 billion in merchandise to Vietnam, up 9 percent from 2013. This figure has more than doubled from US$538 million in 2005, reflecting the fast growth of the Vietnamese market.

State by State: Vietnam and Michigan Trade


Vietnam should be a core market for Michigan, a state which boasts US$451.52 billion in GDP in 2014, and a population of 9.88 million recorded in 2010.

State By State: Vietnam and Wisconsin Trade


Vietnam’s US$824 million trade surplus with Wisconsin results from its position as the fifth most important source of imports for the state by value.

State by State: Vietnam and Illinois Trade


Imports from Vietnam to Illinois shot up 70 percent from 2013 to 2014, reaching a total of US$2.32 billion and making Vietnam the eighth most important exporter to Illinois by value.

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