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8 Regulations and Policies Supporting Startups in Vietnam


Vietnam’s startup sector benefits from a myriad of supportive policies and regulations. Here’s eight of them.

Investing in Vietnamese Startups: Quick Guide 2023


Vietnam’s startup sector is booming. Here’s a quick overview of how the sector is developing.

Vietnam Tasks Government Agencies to Prepare Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Assets


Vietnam’s Deputy PM has asked the relevant government agencies to develop a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

What Are Digital Signatures and What Businesses Need to Know


Vietnam Briefing looks at the concept of digital and e-signatures in Vietnam and businesses need to know when using them to complete contracts.

COVID-19: Transitioning Your Business for Remote Work in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing offers practical advice on how businesses can mitigate the disruption to their work and operations by using remote tools.

Vietnam’s New Incentives for Science and Technology Firms


The government has announced new incentives such as corporate tax cuts and exemptions, and credit incentives for science and technology enterprises. Read more to know about government support and incentives which aims to promote scientific and technological research and development.

Vietnam: Registration of Technology Transfer Now Mandatory


Registration of technology transfer agreements has been made mandatory since July 1, 2018, which will enable government authorities to keep a track of all transfers.

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