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Why Vietnam Has Become a Promising Alternative for US Businesses in Asia


Vietnam Briefing examines the growing Vietnam-US bilateral relationship and why Vietnam has become a promising alternative for US businesses in Asia

Impact of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act on Vietnam Exports to the US


Vietnam Briefing discusses the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act implemented by the US and its impact on Vietnamese exports to the US.

Why Vietnam Remains an Attractive Destination for US Businesses


Vietnam Briefing explores why Vietnam remains an attractive destination for US businesses contributed by a growing bilateral relationship.

Q&A: Adopting a China+1 Strategy in ASEAN: Diversifying Supply Chains to Minimize Risks


In this Q&A with Saponti Baroowa, our Associate Director for Business Intelligence, we discuss the China+1 strategy and the need to diversify production.

Where Should US Businesses Look to Diversify Their China Operations: Mexico Versus Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing highlights the pros and cons of investing in Mexico versus Vietnam for investors looking to diversify their China operations.

The US-China Phase One Trade Deal and Vietnam


The US and China have signed a phase one trade deal. But what does it mean for Vietnam?

US – China Trade War Inspires Vietnam Growth


The US – China trade war has had some clear benefits on Vietnam. Vietnam Briefing discusses some of the advantages and possible outcomes of the tariffs on Vietnam.

US Duties on Vietnam Steel: Investors Bullish Despite Trump’s Trade Threat


Despite the imposition of tariffs on Vietnam steel by the US, Vietnam remains a favorable destination for investors. Vietnam Briefing discusses the reasons why and how the country is expected to continue attracting FDI.

Relocating to Vietnam to Mitigate the Effect of the US – China Trade War


The US-China trade war has accelerated the trend of manufacturers realigning their supply chains to minimize risks. In addition to its geographic proximity, Vietnam offers several advantages for such businesses. Read more to know about the ways to minimize risks and what makes Vietnam a viable alternative.

Impact of US – China Trade War on Vietnam


The growing trade conflict between the US and China will have a cascading effect on Vietnam, for whom both the US and China are major trading partners. Read more to know about the impact, positive and negative, arising from the trade disputes and the options available to Vietnam to minimize its effect.

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