An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam 2024 – the Latest Guide from Dezan Shira & Associates

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The latest guide from Dezan Shira & Associates, titled “An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam in 2024”, is out now and currently available to subscribers as a complimentary download in the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

This new 2024 edition of Doing Business in Vietnam looks at:

  • How to Set Up in Vietnam
  • Tax, Audit, and Accounting
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Sustainability in Vietnam

Vietnam is a rapidly developing nation that has benefited enormously from a myriad of free trade agreements. Most notably of late, the EVFTA and CPTPP have seen trade with participating nations boom.

Furthermore, Vietnam has also been a key beneficiary of the diversification out of China by many large multinational brands.

This rapid growth, however, has come with some sustainability challenges. As environmental, social, and governance issues become increasingly important in global trade, firms producing goods for export in Vietnam have had to adapt their operations.

Likewise, Vietnam has laid out key sustainability regulatory guardrails for firms operating in the country.

It’s with this in mind, that we present this Doing Business in Vietnam with a focus on sustainability.

Comprehensive and incredibly detailed this guide covers everything from establishing a business in Vietnam to social insurance payments.

It includes what firms need to know about tax and accounting in Vietnam from start to finish, including business license fees to corporate income tax and everything in between. It also covers transfer pricing and Vietnam’s environment tax among a range of other taxes.

Finally, it goes in depth on human resources, including wages and entitlements. It also covers social and unemployment rates, not to mention labor contracts and worker’s rights.

With a team of experts in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang, this guide has doing business in Vietnam covered from end to end and gives firms a solid foundation on which to build a strong and sustainable market entry.

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