Asia Briefing Ltd. Announces New Logo for Vietnam Briefing

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VB logo_verticle_new-01Asia Briefing Ltd., the business publishing house owned by professional services firm Dezan Shira & Associates, is proud to announce the introduction of its new logo for Vietnam Briefing. Just as Vietnam is currently going through dynamic changes in its economy and culture, we felt it was time to create a logo that more accurately represented this exciting country.

The green outer region of the new logo represents the iconic traditional hat of the Vietnamese, reminding us that, although Vietnam is rushing head first into the future, it also will not forget its deep and rich traditions. The triangular shape of the hat also represents the upwards development of the country. Looking to the center of the logo, a lotus, the national flower of Vietnam, is clearly visible. To the Vietnamese, the lotus is a symbol of purity, commitment, and optimism for the future. Like the lotus, Vietnam floats on the top of the world economy even though it is firmly rooted in Southeast Asia. Known as the “flower of dawn”, the lotus also alerts us to a new dawn for Vietnam and a new face for Vietnam Briefing.

Alberto Vettoretti, Managing Partner at Dezan Shira, spoke highly of the updated logo, “Vietnam’s rise in Asia has been spectacular and the country is not done growing yet. Our new logo is a clear tribute to the beauty and dynamism of this magical country.”

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