Banned Goods and Services List to Expand

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Aug. 18 – The Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning on expanding the list of banned goods and services from 92 to 101.

Some of the forbidden items on the list will include sky lanterns, antiques with historical value and gold trading floors at banks. It will also ban specific dangerous chemicals and smuggled tobacco products.

Vietnam will also limit activities on 26 goods and services that includes gambling, hiring of private detectives and marriage brokerage services. Food additives and nutritional supplements without an approval for sale from the Ministry of Health will be in the list as well.

The proposal aims to strengthen state management on new types of goods and services which have not been regulated in the current decree drafted after joining of the World Trade Organization says Truong Quang Hoai Nam, the Ministry’s domestic market department director.

Experts have advised that Vietnam should decrease the number of goods and services banned from sale in the country and provide simpler rules on goods and services.