Business License Issuance Delayed in Congested Areas of HCMC

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Nov. 5 – The government has opted to temporarily suspend issuing business licenses to congested areas in Ho Chi Minh City as a way to alleviate worsening traffic.

Businesses that attract crowds like supermarkets and foreign language centers will be restricted as well as possibly wedding service providers. In addition, parking in traffic prone areas will also be prohibited.Thanh Nien News reports that authorities have already instructed agencies to list areas that are prone to traffic jams as a guide for the city’s Department of Planning and Investment when granting licenses.

Ho Chi Minh traffic is notorious for being the worse in the country. During rush hour traffic, a typical 15 minute taxi ride to the airport can stretch to 2 hours on bad days.  It is then advisable to hire a motorbike instead to beat rush hour traffic.