Early Warning Web Site Launched to Help Prevent Anti-Dumping Cases

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Sept. 24 – The Vietnam Competition Authority and and the Global Competition Fund of Denmark launched an early warning web site on Wednesday to help prevent anti-dumping cases and support exporters in Vietnam.

The web site is available in Vietnamese and English and initially concentrates on the Vietnam’s top export products: garments and textiles, footwear, seafood, wood products and electric cables for the U.S. and EU markets.

It will also offer exporters market analysis and other useful data on import and export trade.  In the future, the web site plans to expand available information to include 10 sectors exporting to five markets and eventually 20 sectors selling to 10 markets.

This will allow exporters be better prepared and circumvent possible anti-dumping lawsuits against their exports. In 2009, there were 205 anti-dumping cases lodged against Vietnamese products bringing the total number of cases filed against the country to 3,632 since 1995.

Dealing with anti-dumping cases can be expensive for exporters, requiring them to hire consultants and lawyers to deal with the litigation process in addition to paying anti-dumping duties. More importantly, anti-dumping cases hits export rates; leading foreign investors to make orders elsewhere.