Employers Allowed to Use Customized Personal Tax Receipts

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Apr. 7 – The Ministry of Finance announced last month that companies may use their own customized personal income tax receipts to issue to employees.

Prior to Circular 37, employers had to get pre-printed PIT receipt books from local tax authorities. Employers will be allowed to print their own receipts if they meet the following conditions: withholding organization is a legal entity in accordance with the law; withholding organization has a tax code; suitable computer and software system are maintained; and withholding organization has not been penalized for more than two tax offenses in the last year.

Customized PIT receipts must first obtain pre-approval from tax authorities. The information to be presented in the customized PIT receipts must contain all items provided in the standard form issued together with the circular, according to PWC Vietnam.

The circular does not explain if companies with no legal entity in the country but filing tax under the withholding method will be able to use customized PIT receipts.