Hanoi’s Investment Zones Attracts US$30 Million from January to March

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HANOI, Apr. 12 – Investment in the capital city’s industrial zones increased during the first three months of 2010 amounting to US$30 million.

The figure is two and half times higher compared to the same period last year comprising of investment licenses to 8 projects: three of them from foreign investors and five from domestic companies. Four more capital projects were also approved during the first quarter.

Hanoi has set a goal to attract US$180 million to US$200 million in investment capital and US$300 million for industrial zone development.

The city has 17 industrial zones and high-tech parks with a total area of almost 3,500 hectares. An industrial zone in Vietnam is one that focuses on manufacturing industrial products and providing services for industrial manufacturing. They are usually concentrated in specific areas and provide incentives for investors.