Ho Chi Minh City Included in Top Cities for Software Testing

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Nov. 20 – Strategic advisory firm, Tholons has included Ho Chi Minh City in its annual report of Top 6 Established Global Outsourcing Cities for Software Testing for the second year in a row.

The city located in South Vietnam was also named in Tholon’s list of Top 10 Offshore Nations, Top 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities, and Top Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities for Application Development & Management (ADM) and Animation/Game Development.

Th firm also ranked Vietnam at 7th place in a list of the ten leading outsourcing destinations in the world. “Vietnam is perceived as one of the more vibrant destinations for engineering services outsourcing and software development services in the Asian region,” Tholons said in the annual report.

“Vietnam continuously brings vital new sources of well-trained human talent to the global software testing market,” said Hung Q. Nguyen, Chairman/CEO of LogiGear Vietnam said in a statement. “Affordable, efficient labor for high volume production has established LogiGear Vietnam, and HCMC, as a hub of the industry.”