How to Find a Good Distribution Partner in Vietnam

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Companies distributing goods in Vietnam will invariably come to rely on local partners to carry out elements of their sales, marketing, or distribution. These companies can play an invaluable role in establishing brand recognition, sales channels, and effective distribution networks within the country.

Executives approaching Vietnam are quick to see the utility of partnering with existing players in Vietnam, but the process of finding and vetting partners is often extremely challenging and time-consuming. In the beginning stages of distribution, choosing the correct partner can make or break a company’s investment strategy, and is understandably a source of great concern for most executives.

Local associations

Business associations and local chambers of commerce are often a good starting point for companies interested to make new connections in Vietnam. These organizations can help companies to understand the availability of specific functions in the local market, and the challenges when working with these parties.

Business matching services

Companies exploring distribution opportunities in Vietnam often undertake or commission a review of the Vietnamese market in order to better understand which functions to outsource, and which parties are best positioned to fill these functions. Business matching reviews generally are carried out over a three-phase process outlined below.

Business Matching Service Process

Vietnam Business-Matching-Service-Process

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