New Issue of Vietnam Briefing: Understanding Vietnam’s Legal Environment

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Nov. 30 – In this new issue of Vietnam Briefing we look at the legal environment for establishing a business in Vietnam as a foreign investor.

There are basically two laws that govern foreign direct investment in Vietnam: the Unified Law on Enterprises and the Common Law on Investment. We examine these two laws and review the sectors and regions entitled to investment incentives and conditional sectors applicable to foreign investors. We also go through the different forms of foreign direct investment in Vietnam and cover some of the pre and post-registration procedures.

For those looking to rent or buy real estate in Vietnam, we look at some of the procedures and discuss the pros and cons of renting versus buying. Finally, we examine the country’s new arbitration law that should help companies resolve commercial disputes faster.

In this issue:
Investment incentives and forms of direct investment
Pre and post-registration procedures
Buying real estate as a foreigner
Renting offices in Vietnam
Vietnam’s new arbitration law

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This issue is available as a PDF download in the Asia Briefing Bookstore.