Minimum Wage Set to Rise Next Year in Vietnam

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Nov. 8 – Starting next year, Vietnam will increase the mandatory minimum monthly salaries for people working at local and foreign companies by between VND100,000 and VND370,000 according to a government statement issued last week.

Depending on the area, the current minimum wage that local companies are required to pay employees is between VND730,000 and VND980,000 per month. Foreign companies, meanwhile, are required to pay their staff a minimum monthly wage of between VND1 million and VND1.3 million.

When the salary change comes into effect, January 1 or July 1 depending on the region, the new minimum wage will range from VND830,000 to VND1.55 million.

Skilled employees will receive wages that are at least 7 percent higher than the minimum wage, the Vietnamese government said on its official web site.

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