Northern Thai Nguyen Province to Become Major Manufacturing Hub

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Mar. 10 – Northern Thai Nguyen Province is being groomed to become a major metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing and precision engineering hub in the country.

Thai Nguyen is a small province bordering the capital city of Hanoi and serves as a gateway to the Red River delta with its network of road, rail and waterways systems. “Vietnam’s mechanical engineering remains undeveloped and that is why we should mobilize domestic and international resources to make metallurgy a vital industry for Thai Nguyen and the nation,” President Nguyen Minh Triet said during a visit to the province this week.

Construction of the 10 hectare Da Phuc port in the province already begun this week with completion set for the end of the year when the VND260 billion port spurs more trade in the country’ s northern midland and highland provinces.

Thai Nguyen Province is the leading heavy industries hub in northern Vietnam with top state-owned Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company found in Thai Nguyen city. In addition to heavy industries, tourism is also a major earner for the province.