New Van Don Economic Zone to be Build in Quang Ninh Province

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Aug. 21 – The plan to build the Van Don Economic Zone in Quang Ninh Province has been approved and will include a tourist site, an international financial and trade center, an environmentally-friendly industrial zone, a logistics center and an agro-forestry and fisheries area.

The 2,171 square meter zone will accommodate 150,000 people and is expected to have 1.7 million tourists in 2020. The zone’s surrounding area will also be developed with an administrative center, offices, service and trade blocs, a hospital, a school, a university and facilities.

Nhan Dan reports that the zone aims to develop Vietnam’s northern region. The Van Don seaport has the capacity for 5,000-10,000 DWT ships and will be located at the northeastern Cai Bau island.

There will also be a highway crossing at the Cai Bau island set to be built together with a road connecting Highway 18 and the Noi Bai-Mong Cai Highway.