Five Industrial Parks in Tay Ninh Province Added to National Priority List

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May 21 – The Vietnamese government will include five industrial parks located in the southern province of Tay Ninh to the national top-priority industrial parks list for 2015.

Tay Ninh shares a border with Cambodia and is known for its wood processing industries. The industrial parks to be included from the province are Hiep Thanh, Bau Hai Nam, Gia Binh, Cha La and Thanh Dien all with a total combined area of 1,150 hectares.

The government has laid down plans to establish 91 more industrial parks with a total combined area of 20,800 hectares as well as improve on 22 operational ones. Currently, there are 228 industrial parks in the country with 162 operational, but only close to half are occupied.

So far, 6,800 projects amounting to US$60.2 billion, including 3,600 foreign-invested projects worth US$46.9 billion have invested in local industrial parks in Vietnam.