Vietnam Announces Plan to Boost Foreign Investment

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Apr. 10 – The Vietnamese government has announced six measures to aid the country in attracting and managing foreign investment.

According to Xinhua, the first step is to review and revise current policies for business activities with the aim of providing preferential incentives for several industries and to boost disbursement.

The second measure is to publicly announce approved development master plans by the last quarter of the year to expedite site clearance. The third measure will involve review and announcement of infrastructure investment goals by 2020 to mobile capital resources for the completion of sea ports.

The fourth measure will be about training staff to grant licenses for foreign-invested projects.The government also suggested that the fifth measure involve both central and local authorities coordinating in the licensing and supervision of foreign-invested projects with the effective implementation of those projects.

Meanwhile, the last measure calls for outlining specific policies to attract foreign investment in a specific field.