Vietnam Launches National Database for Administrative Procedures

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HANOI, Nov.2 – The government launched its first national database on administrative procedures in Hanoi last month for streamlining procedures and cutting costs.

The new National Database on Administrative Procedures or commonly called Project 30 will save the country VND10,000 billion yearly by making all the administrative procedures and legal documents for all ministries and localities available to the public. This information spans more than 5,700 procedures, 9,000 documents and 100,000 forms. During the making of the database, government authorities were required to simplify a minimum of 30 percent of their administrative procedures.

By the end of the year, the details of Project 30 will be finalized in a decree. The database will address the country’s transparency, security and legal credibility issues and encourage more people to be less daunted by the challenges of doing business in the country. Vietnam is so far the first country to use the e-registry  method for a market of 86 million people.

Michael W. Michalak, U.S. Embassy said in a statement:  “This e-Registry provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to clearly understand their rights and obligations, making it easier to do business. It shows the Vietnamese Government’s commitment toward a modern administrative system that enables investment and economic growth.”