Vietnam Opens Cross-Border River Trade with Cambodia

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Dec. 18 – Cambodia and Vietnam have agreed to a treaty that will open Mekong waterways to increases trade and tourism.

The Treaty on Waterway Transportation legally binds Cambodia and Vietnam to reducing the official restrictions that have existed for cross-border navigation, according to the the Mekong River Commission.

This will further ease regional and international trade and more importantly allow river-based customs and immigration procedures to be efficient.The agreement will safety for vessels using Cambodian and Vietnamese registered internal ports reports Thanh Nien News.

“This agreement, along with the recent development of Cai Mep Port in Vietnam provide exciting opportunities for economic growth in Cambodia and development of Phnom Penh Port,” Hei Bavy, Delegate of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Chairman and CEO of Phnom Penh Port was quoted by Thanh Nien News. “We can now realize the full potential of the Mekong River by transporting goods directly to the United States, Europe and Australia through Cai Mep Port.”

The Mekong River Commission assisted with the treaty with help from  funding provided by the Belgian and Australian government.