Virtual Offices Concept Face Government Resistance

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Nov. 27 – Government agencies have been slower to accept the virtual office concept leading to delayed processing times for tax and registration documents that use a virtual office address.

Virtual offices are a popular option for small businesses because it provides all related business needs from a phone number to a business mailing address at much lower costs compared to maintaining a full-time office.

According to Vietnam Net, businesses based in Ho Chi Minh City have lamented the city’s Department of Planning and Investment’s reluctance to issue licenses to businesses registered under virtual office addresses.

The agency says it has no regulation on how to deal with hundreds of business licenses that list the same address and office space. There have also been complaints that it takes a longer time to register a business using a virtual office address even with all the documents already in order.

Moreover, tax agencies are wary of selling invoices to virtual office tenants because of the difficulty of managing invoice use and tax payments only relenting if a business shows proof of client contracts.