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    Vietnam’s Foreign Contractor Tax – 3 Ways to Calculate FCT

    Foreign investors doing business in Vietnam should be aware of the Foreign Contractor Tax and the three options to calculate FCT based on the investment and size of the project.

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    Vietnam’s Transfer Pricing Regulations – Compliance Strategies

    Vietnam’s transfer pricing regulations and complying with them are crucial for foreign entities operating in Vietnam. Vietnam Briefing discusses the key highlights and procedures to be compliant.

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    Internal Audit in Vietnam: New Decree Comes into Effect April 1

    Vietnam’s new decree on internal audit came into effect from April 1. In this article, we outline who will be affected by the new regulation and how to comply.

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    An Overview of Transfer Pricing in Vietnam

    To ensure compliance, foreign businesses need to be aware of the new transfer pricing regulations. In this article, we outline the key points of Vietnam’s transfer pricing policy, compliance issues, and tax obligations vital for foreign firms operating or planning to invest in Vietnam.

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    Vietnam Issues New E-Invoices Decree

    Vietnam issued new regulations on the use of electronic invoices, which will be mandatory from November 1, 2018. Read more to know about the types of e-invoices, how to issue them, and the transition period for businesses.

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    Vietnam Announces Corporate Income Tax Reduction Plan

    Vietnamese Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, has announced plans to reduce Vietnam’s corporate income tax (CIT) in a recent speech at the GMS Business Summit. Read more for details and analysis on the announcement

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    Vietnam Proposes Higher Environmental Protection Taxes

    Vietnam proposes higher environmental protection taxes on oil and petroleum products from July 1, 2018, to offset decreasing import tax revenues due to tariff commitments. Read more to know about the tax hikes and its effect on the economy, government revenues, and environment.

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    Vietnam: Sectors in Focus for 2018 Tax Audits

    With a new tax audit plan for 2018 aiming for higher tax revenues, numerous sectors and taxpayers will be under increased scrutiny from tax authorities. Read more to know about the tax audit plan and the sectors in focus to minimize tax exposure.

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    Vietnamese Firms Shifting to E-Invoices

    Vietnamese firms are shifting to e-invoices to minimize cost and reduce administrative burden. Further changes are proposed to make it mandatory for all firms in 2018. Read more to know about the transition to e-invoices, advantages for firms and tax authorities, and proposed changes for 2018.

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    Tax Incentives for Foreign Investment in Vietnam

    Vietnam’s tax incentives, while attractive on paper, can present challenges to investors unfamiliar with the country’s legal system. Investors need to be aware of the incentives that Vietnam offers and the requirements that they will face when they apply for these incentives.

Showing 10 of 224 articles