Circular Released Regulating Preferential Import/Export Tariff Under the Taxable Goods List

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Circular 157/2011/TT-BTC dated November 14th, 2011 issued by The Ministry of Finance regulating preferential import, export tariff under the taxable goods list.

The export tariff under the taxable goods list is specified in Appendix I. Some export duty rates have been lowered, such as scrap and metal pieces, and processed white limestone.

The import tariff under the taxable goods list is specified in Appendix II. For import duty rates:

  • Reductions are applied for 945 tariff lines according to Vietnam’s WTO commitments.
  • Reductions are applied for 87 tariff lines of materials and spare parts that cannot be locally produced.
  • Increases are applied for 157 tariff lines for essential products in order to protecting local production.
  •  The export tariff under the taxable goods list specified in Appendix I includes description of goods (name of categories and name of item), code (category including 04 digits, item including 08 digits), export tax rate are prescribed for the export taxable category or item.
  • If an item is not specified the name of the export tariff, when doing the customs procedures, the declarant will also declare the item code according 08 digit corresponding to the code of that item in preferential import tariff specified in  Section 1 of Appendix II issued with this Circular and export tax rate is 0% (zero percent).
  • Export Tax of export goods produced from import materials.
  • Goods produced from fully import materials do not pay export tax.
  • Goods produced from two sources: import materials and domestic materials, do not pay export tax for export goods corresponding with import materials used for production of export goods which are actually exported. The export goods produced from domestic materials are subject to pay export tax according to export tax rate regulated those export goods.

The import tariff under the taxable goods list specified in Appendix II include:

  • Section I: The preferential import tax tariff applies for 97 chapters according to the list of imported goods in Vietnam, including the description of the goods (name of category and name of item), code (category, items including 8 digits), the preferential import tax rate is specified in category or taxable items
  •  Section II: Chapter 98 – regulate the code and preferential import tax tariff for some categories, items.

This Circular takes affect from January 1, 2012.

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