A Guide to Vietnam’s Holiday Schedule

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HANOI – Vietnam has a variety of holidays throughout the year.  What follows below is a list of the public holidays for the country. It should be noted that where the public holidays as prescribed below coincide with a weekly day-off, the employee shall be entitled to take the succeeding compensatory day-off instead.

new vb calendar

January 1:

  • International New Year’s Day (+1 extra day of choice for foreign workers in Vietnam). Note: Employees who are foreign citizens working in Vietnam also receive an additional day off for international New Year’s and one day off for their own country’s National Day.

January 28 – February 5:

  • Tet Holiday/Lunar New Year

April 9:

  • Vietnamese Kings’ Commemoration Day

April 30:

  • Liberation Day/Victory Day

May 1:

  • International Labor Day

September 2:

  • Independence Day

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