President Triet Promotes Industrial Expansion in An Giang Province

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Oct. 19 – President Nguyen Ming Triet was in attendance as nearly 350 delegates from South Vietnam’s An Giang Province attended the 9th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee yesterday.

According to a report read at the event, An Giang’s GDP has expanded at an average annual rate of 10.34 percent over the last five years and per capita income has reached roughly US$1,100 – a 250 percent increase over the 2005 equivalent. The province has also emerged as Vietnam’s leading rice producer with an annual output of 3.5 million tons.

Speaking at the event, President Triet said that the largely agricultural province should focus on five key tasks in order to maintain high levels of economic growth going forward, namely:

  • Speed up the industrialization process
  • Develop high-tech agriculture
  • Restore the province’s political system so as to better maintain a relationship with the people
  • Improve the capacity for party members
  • Build a national defense system

An Giang Province sits along the Mekong Delta and shares a border with Cambodia to the northwest, making it a potentially lucrative area for tourism and trade.