Vietnam Takes First Step into Wind Turbine Industry

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Oct. 18 – Vietnam’s first wind power turbine production factory, a US$61 million dollar project, was inaugurated at the Nomura Industrial Zone in the port city of Haiphong on October 15.

Invested in by General Electric, the factory is the first step of a larger initiative to address growing global demand for clean energy sources.

The factory will mainly produce 1.5 megawatt turbines for export, but it will also mass-produce 10,000 various component parts annually that are to be assembled at GE sites worldwide. During the factory’s five month-long test run, it produced over 200 turbines. The factory is a source of employment for over 250 workers and contributes to the local tax base.

John Krenicki, VP of GE Group and general manager of GE Energy in Vietnam, lauded Vietnam as a nation with sound investment prospects and a bright future.