Vehicles for Foreign Investment in Vietnam: 100% FOEs & JVs

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Sept. 11 – There are two main types of vehicles for foreign investment in Vietnam: 100 percent foreign-owned enterprises (100% FOEs) and joint ventures (JVs). In this article we will provide an introduction to these two types of vehicles for investment within Vietnam.

100 percent Foreign-owned Enterprises

A 100 percent foreign-owned enterprise is an independent legal entity owned and established by a foreign investor under the Laws on Enterprise and Laws on Investment of Vietnam. 100% FOEs can be established with 100 percent ownership by one or more foreign investors, under the form of either a limited liability company (LLC), joint-stock company (JSC) or a partnership.

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An existing 100% FOE in Vietnam may cooperate with another 100% FOE and/or with foreign investor(s) to establish another new 100% FOE. A 100% FOE allows an investor to maintain independence and have management control over business operations, yet they assume full responsibility for its debt and liabilities.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is an enterprise established in Vietnam on the basis of a joint venture contract signed by two or more parties for the purpose of conducting investment and business in Vietnam. One or more of the parties can be foreign entities.

A JV can be formed in a variety of combinations, though in all cases it is understood as an enterprise with foreign capital investment comprising less than 100 percent of the total investment capital. A joint venture contract may be entered into between:

  • Vietnamese and a foreign party;
  • Vietnamese party and a 100% FOE;
  • JV and a foreign party;
  • JV and a 100% FOE;
  • Two or more JVs; or
  • JV and a Vietnamese party.

As is also the case with a 100% FOE, a JV may be setup as a limited liability company, a joint stock company or a partnership. In a JV, profits and risks are distributed and shared between the parties in proportion to their respective capital contribution to the JV unless otherwise agreed to in the joint venture contract.

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