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Vietnam to Increase Regional Minimum Wage from July 2022


Vietnam is set to increase its minimum wage by 6 percent from July 2022 after a span of two and half years which includes a new minimum hourly rate.

Planning for Uncertainty: Global Staffing Solutions to Facilitate Your Vietnam Market Entry


Global Staffing Solutions is a flexible entry strategy for businesses to test the Vietnamese market without needing to physically set up an operation.

Vietnam Business Operations and the Coronavirus: Updates


Businesses in Vietnam need to prepare for an escalation of the coronavirus outbreak; measures taken by authorities may get enforced with little or no notice.

Vietnam’s Hiring Challenges and Potential Incentives for Retaining Employees


Vietnam Briefing discusses Vietnam’s hiring challenges for businesses post-pandemic and solutions they can incorporate to retain labor.

COVID-19 in Vietnam: Travel Updates and Restrictions


Vietnam Briefing highlights the travel updates and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Vietnam Increases Overtime Hours Until Year End


Vietnam increased overtime working hours to 60 hours per month until the end of the year. We highlight the details as per Resolution 17.

Manufacturing in Vietnam: Key Labor Concerns and How to Optimize Your HR Strategy


Vietnam Briefing addresses labor concerns and ways to optimize your HR strategy for businesses in the manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Assessing Vietnam’s Labor Market and Payroll Considerations


Vietnam Briefing assesses Vietnam’s labor market including cost considerations as well as the benefits of outsourcing payroll processing.

Vietnam Eases Entry Procedures for Foreign Employees, Overseas Vietnamese


Vietnam Briefing highlights the recent government regulation on the easing of entry procedures for foreign employees with valid TRCs and PRCs.

Vietnam’s Public Holidays in 2023


Vietnam Briefing outlines Vietnam’s official public holidays in 2023. Businesses should take note of the holiday schedule and plan accordingly.

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