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Labor Outsourcing in Vietnam in 2023


One way to manage a firm’s workforce through peaks and troughs in demand is by utilizing labor outsourcing. In this article, the Vietnam Briefing outlines the conditions for foreign firms with respect to labor outsourcing in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity: Key Takeaways


Last week, the Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity to 2030. Here is how Vietnam intends to improve productivity in its workforce.

Vietnam Q3 Labor Market Update: Increase in Workers, Employment


Vietnam’s General Office of Statistics has released its Q3 2023 labor market and employment update. Here’s what it says about Vietnam’s human resources at the end of September this year.

Vietnam’s Gig Economy for Foreign Firms


The gig economy has emerged as a key driver of innovation and change in the way people work in Vietnam. This presents both benefits and challenges for workers and businesses alike. Here’s what foreign firms should know.

Employing Foreign Workers in Vietnam: Updated Requirements


The conditions for employing foreign workers in Vietnam have changed. This article highlights the key changes that foreign firms should be aware of.

Vietnam Introduces E-Visa for All Nationalities from August 15, 2023


Starting August 15, 2023, Vietnam has implemented the new e-visa system for all nationalities, in a major boost to the country’s tourism and allied sectors.

Typhoon Season in Vietnam: How to Prepare Your Business


Vietnam is prone to several typhoons every year. Vietnam Briefing discusses the key risks and how businesses can prepare for the typhoon season.

Base Salary Increase: Social and Health Insurance Caps to Rise


The base salary (not to be confused with the minimum wage) is rising and this will change social and health insurance caps. Here’s how.

Managing Labor Shortages in Hai Duong: Insights for Foreign Firms


Foreign firms in Hai Duong are reporting labor shortages. Here’s how foreign firms can make hiring easier and lower attrition rates at the same time.

Service Contracts in Vietnam: What You Need to Know


Service contracts in Vietnam are one way for firms to find human resources support for temporary or specialized projects. Here’s how they work.

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