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General Office of Statistics Releases 2023 Labor Market Summary


The General Office of Statistics has released a summary of the development of Vietnam’s labor market in 2023. Here’s what it says.

Vietnamese New Year 2024: How to Prepare Your Business


Vietnam Briefing offers a basic understanding of the Vietnamese New Year or Tet including customary practices that businesses should be aware of.

Vietnam Set for 6 Percent Minimum Wage Hike in 2024


Vietnam’s minimum wage is set to rise by 6 percent next year. Here are the details.

Compulsory English Teacher Training Program Unveiled


Thousands of foreign workers are currently teaching English in Vietnam. The Ministry of Education has now said these workers will need to undergo an in-country training program. Here are the details.

Vietnam’s Strategy to Attract and Develop Talent


Vietnam’s skilled labor force has been a key point of interest for foreign firms of late. This is on the back of a strong push from the Vietnamese government toward developing the country’s high-tech industries, semiconductors in particular. It’s with this in mind that the Vietnam Briefing looks at how Vietnam plans to develop its workforce.

Vietnam’s Public Holidays in 2024


Vietnam Briefing outlines Vietnam’s official public holidays in 2024. Businesses should take note of the holiday schedule and plan accordingly.

Labor Outsourcing in Vietnam in 2023


One way to manage a firm’s workforce through peaks and troughs in demand is by utilizing labor outsourcing. In this article, the Vietnam Briefing outlines the conditions for foreign firms with respect to labor outsourcing in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity: Key Takeaways


Last week, the Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the National Program for Increasing Labor Productivity to 2030. Here is how Vietnam intends to improve productivity in its workforce.

Vietnam Q3 Labor Market Update: Increase in Workers, Employment


Vietnam’s General Office of Statistics has released its Q3 2023 labor market and employment update. Here’s what it says about Vietnam’s human resources at the end of September this year.

Vietnam’s Gig Economy for Foreign Firms


The gig economy has emerged as a key driver of innovation and change in the way people work in Vietnam. This presents both benefits and challenges for workers and businesses alike. Here’s what foreign firms should know.

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