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Vietnam to Increase Labor Related Administrative Violation Fines


Vietnam introduced Decree 28 and increased fines related to labor administration violations. Vietnam Briefing highlights the main fines from the exhaustive list.

How to Operate Your Vietnam Business Remotely During COVID-19


COVID-19 is forcing businesses around the world to work from home. Vietnam Briefing explains how enterprises can manage this efficiently and securely.

Vietnam Coronavirus – The Business Perspective


Trent Davies, our International Business Advisory Manager discusses the business implications of the Coronavirus at an AMCHAM event in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam’s Competitive Minimum Wages: How Does it Fare with its Regional Peers?


Vietnam Briefing highlights Vietnam’s minimum wage increase this year and how it fares with the surrounding region.

Total Workforce Index 2019 – 3 Challenges for Vietnam’s Labor


As Vietnam integrates more into the global economy, it faces three labor challenges according to the 2019 Total Workforce Index.

Vietnam to Increase Minimum Wage from January 2020


Vietnam will increase minimum wage levels by 5.7 percent from January 1, 2020. Vietnam Briefing highlights the key changes for foreign investors.

Vietnam’s Maternity Leave – Benefits and Application


In Vietnam there are specific regulations on maternity leave that are unique to the country. It is important foreign investors are aware of the complexities of maternity laws in Vietnam.

Payroll in Vietnam: A Guide to Compensation, Bonuses, and Benefits


As a greater amount of foreign companies establish a business in Vietnam, a thorough knowledge of the country’s salary structure is vital to operate efficiently and to improve staff retention.

How to Terminate an Employee in Vietnam


We discuss the grounds for termination and compliances that foreign investors should be aware of.

New Minimum Basic Salary, Social Insurance Rates in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing discusses the new regulation on minimum basic salary as well as upcoming changes to social insurance contribution for foreigners.

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