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How to Draft Vietnamese Probation Contracts That Will Reduce Your Turnover


Staffing in Vietnam can be a significant challenge. Learn why probation contracts are an invaluable tool and allow you to select the best workers while reducing operational turnover.

Vietnam Implements Social Insurance Updates


With social insurance rate reductions applied from June 2017 and the introduction of a wider liability for social insurance contributions scheduled for early 2018, foreign and domestic companies alike will be required to adjust compliance procedures in the near future.

Vietnam’s Overtime Limits Set to Double Under Recent Proposal


Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour has proposed revisions to the 2012 Labour Code increasing overtime limits from 200 hours per year to 400 hours per year. Read more to learn the particulars as well as how this has been received within the country.

Payroll Management in Vietnam – New Issue of Vietnam Briefing Magazine


Payroll Management in Vietnam, out now and available for download in the Asia Briefing Bookstore, explains the ins and outs of human resource administration in Vietnam. Read more to understand statutory payroll requirements, potential risk areas for investors, and the benefits afforded by payroll outsourcing

Permitted Contract Structures Under Vietnamese Labor Code


All foreign enterprises seeking to staff operations in Vietnam will find the process regulated by the Vietnamese Labor Code of 2012. Vietnam Briefing highlights the different contract structures that foreign investors can employ.

Managing Contracts and Severance in Vietnam – Latest Issue of Vietnam Briefing Magazine


The latest issue of Vietnam Briefing magazine, titled “Managing Contracts and Severance in Vietnam”, is out now. In this issue, we identify trends in Vietnamese labor, outline permitted contract structures under the Vietnamese Labor Code, and showcase severance liabilities that may arise if workers or employers choose to terminate their contracts.

Podcast: Recruiting Practices in Vietnam


Oscar Mussons, Associate of Dezan Shira & Associates’ operations in Vietnam, speaks with Jon Whitehead, Country Manager for Robert Walters Vietnam, on the issue of recruiting practices within the county

U.S. Visitors to Vietnam Now Eligible for 1 Year Visa


Vietnam has implemented a visa agreement with the United States, which extends business and tourism visas to one year. Read more to understand the arrangement and the impact it is likely to have on investment and business sentiment.

Managing Vietnamese Labor Disputes


Strikes can be a significant challenge for manufacturing operations in Vietnam. Read more to learn how these events are regulated under Vietnamese law and understand what can be done to mitigate their impact.

Working in Vietnam as an Expat: Quick Guide (2022)


Thinking about moving to Vietnam? Here’s a quick guide to get you started living and working in this booming Southeast Asian nation.

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