Italian Machine Tools Network Makes Presence Known Through Kick-off Event in Hanoi

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Leading machine tools collective, IMT-Italian Manufacturing Technology, officially entered the Vietnamese market Wednesday with a short presentation at Hanoi’s Melia Hotel.

Barbara Colombo, the President of IMT led the proceedings followed by Marco della Seta, the Italian Ambassador in Hanoi.

Alberto Vettoretti, Managing Partner, Dezan Shira & Associates, also spoke, welcoming the contingent of Italian manufacturers to one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies and stressing the potential in the Vietnamese market for European firms.

Dezan Shira & Associates has been IMT’s partner on the ground. A multi-disciplinary professional services consultancy that assists foreign firms entering the Vietnam market with everything from corporate establishment to human resources, Dezan Shira & Associates has offices throughout Asia and clients from all over the world—IMT being among them.

The one-hour session introduced the eight member companies comprising the IMT consortium, their products and services, and showcased how their presence in Vietnam could benefit local manufacturers.

The member companies that have joined the IMT network are: Buffoli Transfer (Brescia), Ficep (Gazzada Schianno, Varese), Gerardi (Lonate Pozzolo, Varese), Innse Berardi (Brescia), Losma (Curno, Bergamo), Prima Industrie (Collegno, Turin), Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli (Luino, Varese), and Rosa Ermando (Rescaldina, Milan).

We discuss the capabilities and product offerings from each of the IMT member companies below.

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Buffoli Transfer

Since 1958, Buffoli has been a European leader in the development of turnkey solutions for the machining of parts requiring multi-sided machining processes and precision turning operations.

From blanks or bar stock, for medium or high-volume batch sizes, Buffoli Transfer offers quick and reliable loading automation. This includes precision non-rotating bar turning machines, four or five-axis machining centers with three or more spindles, flexible transfers, precision transfers, high production transfers, and multiple turning centers integrated with transfers or centers.

Buffoli Transfer processing technology spans a broad range of applications, including a variety of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and cast-iron parts that require precision turning and/or multi-sided machining. The wide range of applications includes automotive, hydraulics, pneumatics, plumbing, fittings, connectors, household appliances, defense, aerospace, and locks.


Headquartered in Varese, Italy, Ficep is the leading manufacturer of machine tools for the steel construction fabrication industry. The company provides the world’s widest range of machines for both the structural steel and the forging industries, with customers in nearly 90 countries.

Ficep provides computer numerical control (CNC) lines for the processing of profiles and plates for the steel construction industry including for drilling, milling, marking, scribing, sawing, plasma and oxy cutting, punching, and shearing. It also provides hydraulic, mechanical, and screw presses, shears, saw, and automation for the forging industry.

Ficep was founded by the family of the present owners in 1930. Over the years, the company has grown from being a manufacturer of manual machines to being the global leader in manufacturing the most advanced CNC machines and automatic systems for the steel construction and forging industry.


The Gerardi modular system includes a large range of manual and automatic vises for single, double, self-centering, and multi-clamping and a wide range of tombstones and vise towers for horizontal machines. Together with the Zero Point system, these allow for the quick change and positioning of any type of equipment or fixtures, making Gerardi one of the few manufacturers with the ability to design, manufacture, and supply any type of work-holding equipment for turnkey applications.

Gerardi designs and develops innovative solutions, such as high-performance angle heads for automatic tool changing, conventional machines, and driven or static tool holders for CNC lathes.


Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli, established in 1921, is based in north Italy on Lake Maggiore. For more than 80 years, Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli has developed a range of high-tech centerless grinding machines with applications in various fields, including automotive parts, bearings, electric motors, aerospace, household appliances, hydraulics, tools, medical, and textile among others. Ghiringhelli centerless grinding machines are CNC-controlled and are capable of being utilized as standalone units or linked to automatic lines.

All Ghiringhelli centerless grinders are equipped with specific tooling according to the customer’s requirements and are suitable for the plunge grinding of multi-diameter components or through-feed grinding of plain cylindrical components.

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Innse Berardi

Innse-Berardi stands as a distinguished leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning of cutting-edge, high-performance machine tools. It caters to the most demanding industries, such as energy, transportation, aeronautics, and aerospace. A significant collaboration with its sister company Ingersoll Machine Tools under the Camozzi Machine Tools Division banner has paved the way to unite top-tier technologies with unparalleled global support.

Ingersoll specializes in additive manufacturing and in carbon fiber placement technology for the aerospace sector, while Innse-Berardi retains its mastery in general mechanical engineering, defense, energy, and rail sectors and recently, with the support of Ingersoll, know-how also in the aerospace industry. Innse-Berardi’s spectrum of solutions encompasses expansive vertical and horizontal milling and boring machines, versatile multitasking work centers available in hydrostatic or with linear guideways configurations, and the development of specialized large machines tailored to specific applications, which includes complete cells with pallet systems for the aerospace sector. This positions the company as a strategic and technological partner, offering customers comprehensive turnkey services.


Since 1974, LOSMA has designed and engineered air and coolant filtration systems for machine tools. The company was founded with the mission of making the working environment healthier, focusing on filtration, and guaranteeing a safe environment. It has a strong eco-friendly identity—the corporate mission “Working Clean, Breathing Healthy”—is clear in its continuous search for increasingly efficient and eco-compatible filtration solutions.

High energy efficiency motors, regenerable filters, and inverters to regulate consumption are just some of the devices used in Losma air and coolant filtration systems to ensure maximum compatibility with European regulations on environmental management.

Prima Industrie Group

Prima Power provides businesses of all sizes with targeted dynamic technologies that enhance profitability in sheet metal working. They create integrated automated solutions designed to meet their client’s challenges and assist their future growth.

At Prima Power, the value lies in their customer focus. They offer high-performance machines that deliver flexible and precise execution and a full range of modular solutions, using their distinctive customer-centered approach and longstanding knowledge of engineering systems and machinery for sustainable, efficient manufacturing. This is all based on a unique history of technological integration.

Rosa Ermando

Rosa Ermando. has been designing and manufacturing horizontal-spindle surface and profile grinding machines since 1964. Over the decades, it has developed innovative machines regarded by the international manufacturing community as top-tier in surface grinding.

The product line-up comprises single-column grinding machines for a range of grinding sizes. The machines are available in three different levels of automation for simple flat grinding (N version), flat and profile grinding with manual or multi-level automatic grinding sequence (CN version), or fully automatic grinding with embedded CAD processor for wheel profiling (CNC version).

Rosa Ermando facilities are organized according to the most innovative management criteria. They represent an authentic model of high-tech working organization with a strong focus on safeguarding the environment and the health of their staff.

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Italian Manufacturing Technologies

As the overarching body representing the aforementioned companies in Vietnam, groups like IMT can be an innovative market entry option. IMT enables member companies to have a stable presence in the target market, and offers the Vietnamese industry the chance to engage directly with these member companies through their local office.

IMT offers Vietnamese companies a first point of reference in Vietnam so that they can get immediate responses to their queries from the respective Italian companies. It also gives member companies a foothold in the ASEAN region and, coupled with the regional expertise of Dezan Shira and Associates, the ability to expand seamlessly throughout the region.

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