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Vietnam’s 2024 Land Law: Significant Amendments and Key Changes


The 2024 amended Land Law in Vietnam brings significant changes to land valuation, rent payments, land use terms, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Settling Business Disputes: Commercial Arbitration in Vietnam


Vietnamese law permits the inclusion of dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts through the Commercial Arbitration Law of 2010. Here’s a breakdown of key provisions of the law and what foreign firms should pay attention to.

How to Register a Trademark in Vietnam


Intellectual property can be crucial to a firm’s success. Here’s what foreign firms need to know about registering trademarks in Vietnam.

Thai Nguyen’s Development Master Plan for 2021 to 2030


Thai Nguyen has become a hive of manufacturing in recent years and is still drawing huge investments from foreign firms. In this light, the Vietnam Briefing takes a look at what key decision-makers have planned for the future of the province.

Vietnam’s Amended Law on Credit Institutions Approved


Last week, Vietnam’s National Assembly voted to approve amendments to the Law on Credit Institutions. Here are the details.

Navigating Vietnam’s New Regulations for Films in the Cyberspace


From January 1, 2024, Vietnam’s film industry will be subjected to new rules for digital distribution. We break down the essential steps for compliance, covering film ratings, warnings, display rules, and possible penalties.

Draft Amendment to Vietnam’s Pharmacy Law Proposes New Incentives for Foreign Firms


The Ministry of Health has released a draft amendment to the Pharmacy Law that would give foreign pharmaceutical companies more rights and incentives. Here are the details.

Draft Rooftop Solar Decree Overview


With the Power Development Plan 8 approved, the next step is to develop supporting legislation. With this in mind, a draft decree on rooftop solar has been disseminated. Here are the details.

January 14 Heralds End of Economic Needs Test for CPTPP Members


For years Vietnam’s Economic Needs Test has created a barrier to entry for foreign retail firms looking to establish a presence in the Southeast Asian nation. This is set to change next week for CPTPP member states. Here are the details.

Vietnam Updates Regulations on Pharmaceutical Product Labeling


Vietnam’s Ministry of Health introduced new amendments to pharmaceutical products labeling and packaging regulations, effective starting January 15, 2024.

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