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Setting Up and Opening a Bank Account in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing describes the process of setting up and opening a bank account in Vietnam, which is especially important for remitting profits.

Vietnam Eases Enterprise Registration: Decree 1


Vietnam recently introduced Decree 1 aimed at simplifying registration procedures for businesses. Vietnam Briefing highlights the key changes.

Optimizing Investments in Vietnam’s Conditional Sectors


Investors interested in Vietnam’s conditional sectors should be aware of a new ‘negative’ list brought about by the amended Law on Investment.

Vietnam Issues New Information Disclosure Norms: Circular 96


Vietnam issued Circular 96 on new information disclosure norms for business entities in the securities industry. Circular 96 took effect on January 1, 2021.

Vietnam Issues Administrative Penalties for Customs Violations: Decree 128


Vietnam issued administrative penalties for customs violations, which will take effect on December 10. Vietnam Briefing highlights key aspects of Decree 128.

Intellectual Property in Vietnam: New Regulations on Document Signing


Vietnam’s Intellectual Property office issued new regulations on document signing requirements for legal representatives of IP applicants.

Foreign Exchange Management in Vietnam: Circular 6


Vietnam Briefing discusses regulations on foreign exchange and requirements for FDI enterprises conducting transactions in Vietnam.

How to Set Up a Limited Liability Company in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing provides a step-by-step process of how to set up an LLC, and the procedures required to start such an operation in the country.

Vietnam Strives to Reform Business Procedures, Ease of Business: Decree 122


Vietnam issued Decree 122, effective October 15, on linking several government agencies digitally to ease procedures for establishing businesses.

How to Establish a Trading Company in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing describes the processes involved with setting up a trading company in Vietnam for engaging in import and export activities as well as domestic distribution.

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