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Vietnam Introduces Administrative Sanctions for Environmental Violations: Decree 45


Vietnam Briefing discusses Decree 45 on administrative sanctions for environmental violations and what businesses must do to comply.

Import, Export, and Investment Incentives in Vietnam


Vietnam Briefing highlights import-export regulations for FDI enterprises in Vietnam as well as favorable tax and investment incentives.

Changing Your Company Name in Vietnam: A Guide to Online Registration


Vietnam Briefing guides investors on how to change their company name in Vietnam including online registration and compliance requirements.

Vietnam Approves Long Term Strategy on Environmental Protection: Decision 450


Vietnam issued Decision 450 on the government’s long-term strategy on environmental protection taking into account environmental degradation and climate change.

Vietnam Issues Guiding Regulations on Trade Remedies in RCEP: Circular 7


Vietnam Briefing details the government’s recently issued Circular 7 on how to tackle trade remedy measures for businesses using the RCEP.

Criminal Record Check Certificate in Vietnam: How to Prepare and Submit


Vietnam Briefing explains the process of applying for a criminal record check certificate in Vietnam required for foreigners applying for a work permit.

Vietnam Tasks Government Agencies to Prepare Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Assets


Vietnam’s Deputy PM has asked the relevant government agencies to develop a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

Reviving Vietnam’s Economy with Fiscal and Monetary Policies: Resolution 43


To revive Vietnam’s economy post-pandemic, the government issued Resolution 43 on fiscal and monetary policies to support Vietnam’s growth.

Vietnam Amends Rules on Labeling Goods: Decree 111


Vietnam recently introduced Decree 111 amending the rules on the labeling of goods. The Decree takes effect on February 15, 2022.

How to Set Up a Representative Office in Vietnam


A Representative Office is one of the simplest ways companies can set up in Vietnam. Here, Vietnam Briefing provides a step-by-step process of how to set up an RO, and the procedures required to start such an operation in the country.

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