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Q&A: Capitalizing on New Support Measures for Your Business and Easing of Foreign Work Permits


In this Q&A with Filippo Bortoletti, we provide an overview of the government’s latest support packages to ease business recovery in Vietnam.

Vietnam Issues Eligible Criteria, Incentives for SMEs: Decree 80


Vietnam issued Decree 80 defining the criteria for what constitutes an SME as well government support for SMEs. The Decree went into effect on October 15.

Vietnam Passes Regulation on E-commerce: Decree 85


Vietnam recently released Decree 85 on regulating e-commerce platforms and activities. The Decree is effective January 1, 2022.

Vietnam Issues Resolution Supporting Businesses Affected by COVID-19: Resolution 105


To aid with business recovery and economic growth, Vietnam issued Resolution 105 on helping businesses affected by the pandemic including easing restrictions for hiring foreign workers.

Business Risk Management in Vietnam in the Era of COVID-19


Vietnam Briefing discusses how businesses can prepare against exposure to fraudulent risks within the organization during times of economic turmoil like COVID-19.

Vietnam Proposes Draft Decree Tightening Control Over Social Networks


Vietnam issued a draft decree, which aims to tighten control over livestreaming activities that generate revenue on cross-border social networks.

Closing Your Business in Vietnam: Guidelines and Procedures


When closing a business in Vietnam investors must be fully aware of the responsibilities they face in dissolving or terminating a company.

Cross-Border Advertising Services in Vietnam: Decree 70


Vietnam issued Decree 70 adding new regulations related to cross-border advertising services. The Decree will take effect on September 15, 2021.

Common Restructuring Options for Businesses in Vietnam


Restructuring your Vietnam business will ensure your company is more streamlined, risk resilient, agile, and competitive in the market.

Vietnam Issues Guidance on Implementation of Law on Investment: Decree 31


Vietnam’s Decree 31 provides guidance on the sectors foreign investors are subject to market access restrictions while clarifying aspects of the investment law.

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