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Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Vietnam with an APEC Business Travel Card


Earlier this month, Decision No. 9/2023/QD-TTg was issued regulating travel to Vietnam with an APEC Business Travel Card. Here’s what it says.

EU Due Diligence Directive and Supply Chains in Vietnam


EU member states are enacting corporate sustainability due diligence laws. Here’s what that means for foreign and domestic firms in Vietnam.

8 Regulations and Policies Supporting Startups in Vietnam


Vietnam’s startup sector benefits from a myriad of supportive policies and regulations. Here’s eight of them.

Explainer: Vietnam’s Second Land Rent Cut for Groups Affected by COVID-19


Vietnam is offering land rent reductions for organisations and businesses affected by COVID-19. Here are the details.

IP in Vietnam: One Little Pig and a Big Bad Lawsuit


Peppa Pig’s creators are suing a Vietnamese firm for copyright infringement. Here’s what that might mean for IP in Vietnam.

Permanent Court of Arbitration Opens New Office in Hanoi


The Permanent Court of Arbitration has opened a representative office in Hanoi. Here’s a brief history of Vietnam’s relationship with investor-state disputes.

Vietnam Visa Costs: What You Need to Know in 2023


Vietnam’s visa costs change regularly. Here is an updated list of Vietnam visa costs for 2022.

Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary Pharma Companies Gain Equal Access to Vietnam Market


Spain, Poland, Italy, and Hungary can now access the Vietnamese pharma market the same way as their EU counterparts. Here’s what’s changed.

How are Foreign Investors Responding to Vietnam’s New Data Localization Regulation


Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law which requires businesses to store data locally will come into effect on October 1. Vietnam Briefing discusses its impact.

How to Set Up an NGO in Vietnam


Investors looking to set up an NGO in Vietnam need to carefully study the regulatory environment including the recently released Decree 58.

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