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Representative Office Dissolution Part 2: Tax Documentation


In part two of this three-part series, Vietnam Briefing recommends a list of tax documents for representative offices in preparation for an audit.

Representative Office Dissolution Part 1: Tax Compliance Challenges


Vietnam Briefing highlights the tax compliance procedures when closing down a representative office in this two-part series.

IFRS and VAS Part 1: Introduction to Vietnamese Accounting Standards


Key differences between IFRS and VAS include terminology, applied methods or presentation scope. Vietnam Briefing covers some of the critical differences between the two financial reporting systems.

Vietnam’s Business License Tax Exemption: Highlights of Decree 22


Vietnam Briefing highlights Decree 22, which outlines business license tax exemptions for a number of businesses during the first year of operations.

Audit and Compliance in Vietnam: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Vietnam Briefing underlines key aspects of the audit and compliance process and the different requirements for FOEs and ROs.

Vietnam’s Annual Tax Finalization – Challenges and Recommendations


Vietnam Briefing describes the annual tax finalization process and what investors need to be aware of when preparing to submit their returns.

Tax Compliance in Vietnam: Decision 2413 on Information Sharing


Vietnam Briefing highlights Decree 2413, which allows customs and tax authorities to cooperate and use information sharing to penalize tax evaders.

Vietnam Tax Update: Draft Decree on Tax Administration, Minimum Basic Wage and Personal Income Tax


Vietnam Briefing highlights the recent tax updates in Vietnam, including a draft decree on tax administration, minimum basic wage, and personal income tax.

Internal Audit in Vietnam: What Investors Should Know About Decree 5


Vietnam Briefing breaks down key aspects of Decree 5 on internal audit in Vietnam. Learn about how this might affect your business.

Annual Tax Finalization and Remittance in Vietnam


Prior to transferring profits back to their home markets, foreign companies in Vietnam must fulfill annual compliance requirements.

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