Investing in Vietnam’s Sustainable Future: A Guide for European Companies


Being at the cutting edge of renewable energy technology and climate solutions, EU companies are uniquely positioned to benefit from Vietnam’s transition to a sustainable economy. Here’s how.

Green Production in Vietnam’s Textile Industry: Progress Report


Many textile enterprises are moving toward green production processes due to increasing consumer awareness in key export markets. In this article, we will run through how firms are adapting to this trend.

EdTech in Vietnam: Understanding Foreign Investment Trends in 2023


EdTech has become very popular in Vietnam and subsequently, the sector has become very lucrative. In this article, we look at key foreign-invested EdTech projects in Vietnam and why foreign firms have invested where they have.

Vietnam’s Insurance Industry M&As: Opportunities and Challenges


In this article, we run through some of the benefits and challenges as well as the regulatory due diligence for foreign firms when it comes to dealmaking in Vietnam’s insurance industry

Navigating Vietnam’s Healthcare Sector for Chinese Healthcare Companies


Vietnam’s healthcare industry offers promising opportunities for foreign investors and Chinese firms are well poised to benefit. Here’s how.

Public Projects Set to Boost Demand for Construction Stones in Vietnam


A swathe of infrastructure projects are driving demand for construction stones in Vietnam. Here’s what construction firms looking to capitalize on this development should know.

Decline of English Center Giant Spells Opportunity for FDI


In the wake of a number of troubles facing Apax Leaders, once one of Vietnam’s biggest English language training providers, foreign firms may find a fertile market entry opportunity. Here’s what foreign firms working in this space should know.

The Digital Office Solutions Market in Vietnam: Opportunities for Foreign Players


Digital office solutions are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. In this overview, we look at where there might be opportunities for foreign digital office services.

Vietnam’s Livestock Industry: Challenges and Opportunities


Vietnam’s livestock industry is dynamic and rapidly growing, presenting significant opportunities for foreign investors and businesses. Here’s an overview of the sector and where those opportunities are.

EU-Vietnam Food Processing M&As: The Time is Ripe


Vietnam’s food processing industry is ripe with opportunities for EU investors. Here’s why and where those opportunities are.

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