Shipbuilding in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Firms


Moving forward, there will be ample opportunities for investment and development in Vietnam’s shipbuilding industry. With this in mind, here’s what foreign firms should know.

Foreign Investment Prospects in Vietnam’s Supporting Industries


To achieve a sustainable export-led growth, Vietnam’s supporting industries need to be more competitive and increase higher quality participation in global supply chains.

Vietnam Keen to Ensure Small Production Facilities Meet Environmental Standards


HCMC has taken steps to support small production facilities in relocating to safer locations due to the potential hazards they pose within residential areas. Here’s what that might mean for foreign firms.

AI in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Investors


AI has become very popular in Vietnam. However, as foreign firms seek to capitalize on this trend, they should be mindful of certain challenges.

Making and Selling Confectionery in Vietnam


The confectionery industry in Vietnam is booming in more ways than one. Whereas there is ample opportunity to manufacture confectionery in Vietnam to export to the world, Vietnam also has a fondness for sweet treats and a big consumer base.

Medical Tourism in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Stakeholders


Vietnam’s healthcare sector is rapidly growing, presenting investment opportunities for businesses interested in medical tourism. Here’s how.

Live Entertainment in Vietnam: Where Blackpink Goes Will More Big Bands Follow?


Blackpink is coming to Hanoi. Is this an anomaly or is Vietnam’s live entertainment industry poised for a boom? Here’s what foreign entertainers should know.

E-Commerce in Vietnam: Insights into Cross-Border Business Opportunities with China


The cross-border e-commerce trade between Vietnam and China has flourished in recent years. Here’s where the opportunities are for cross border collaboration between these two nations.

Investing in Vietnam’s Sustainable Future: A Guide for European Companies


Being at the cutting edge of renewable energy technology and climate solutions, EU companies are uniquely positioned to benefit from Vietnam’s transition to a sustainable economy. Here’s how.

Green Production in Vietnam’s Textile Industry: Progress Report


Many textile enterprises are moving toward green production processes due to increasing consumer awareness in key export markets. In this article, we will run through how firms are adapting to this trend.

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