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    Changes in Vietnam’s Franchising Law

    Vietnam has amended certain provisions in the franchising regulations to reduce administrative burdens. However, provisions on franchise registration requirements on foreign franchisors, still remain. Read more to know about the industry, changes in the regulations, and what it means for the industry.

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    Industry Spotlight: Vietnam’s Alcoholic Beverage Industry

    The alcoholic beverage market in Vietnam has witnessed a continuous growth, driven by a young population, rise in disposable income, and the entry of foreign players. Read more to know about the sector, industry opportunities, and challenges in one of the most competitive markets.

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    Vietnam: Construction Rules to be Relaxed

    Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction has proposed changes in construction regulations to streamline and reduce the time-consuming and unnecessary administrative procedures leading to an open business environment. Read more to know about the proposed changes.

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    Vietnam to Reduce Import Tariffs on Automobiles from ASEAN from 2018

    From 2018, Vietnam’s import tariffs on automobiles from ASEAN will be reduced to zero percent, leading to further competition in the country. Read more to know about the import tariffs, the effect on local manufacturers, and the steps government should take to support domestic firms.

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    Planting the Seed: A Guide to Opportunities in Vietnamese Agriculture

    Vietnam’s stature as a market for agricultural goods is set to increase with a combination of government support and rising local demand. Read more for our take on the country’s current challenges, emerging opportunities and the government’s new restructuring plan for 2017-2020.

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    Vietnam FDI Real Estate Report- Streamlining Efficiency Part 1

    Southeast Asia is encountering solid economic growth with little roadblocks projected in the future. Learn why real estate in Vietnam, in particular, is primed to benefit from these conditions in the first installment of a two part FDI report from Squawk Advisors.

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    Education in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges for Investment

    Demand for education in Vietnam is booming on the heels of strong economic growth and rising incomes. Read more as we break down the market’s opportunities and detail existing challenges in 2017.

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    Vietnam’s Payment Preferences: Four Trends to Watch

    Vietnam is aiming to move towards a 90 percent cashless economy by 2020 by reducing cash transactions and increasing electronic payments. With supportive regulatory changes, implementation of new technologies, increased banking penetration, entry of fintech firms, and growing internet penetration, achieving the target seems challenging, but achievable.

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    Vietnam’s Solar Power Policy: The Dawn of a New Age in Utilities Investment

    In the face of rising power consumption, Vietnam has implemented a campaign to encourage solar power spearheaded by Decision No. 11/2017/QD-TT. Read more to understand the incentives and policy adjustments being made under the decision and how this may turn the tables for investors.

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    E-commerce Logistics: Emerging Opportunities in Vietnam

    Outsourcing e-commerce logistics is an increasingly important trend in Vietnam offering significant potential for foreign investors. Read more to understand the gaps in the Vietnamese logistics market and the learn more about the companies which are already beginning to fill them.

Showing 10 of 248 articles