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    Vietnam’s Auction Plan for Solar Energy

    Vietnam Briefing discusses and highlights the government’s auction system to integrate solar energy into the national electricity structure.

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    E-commerce Logistics: Emerging Opportunities in Vietnam

    Vietnam’s e-commerce logistics sector is projected to grow at 42 percent every year until 2022. Vietnam Briefing highlights the reasons why and the significant opportunities for investors in this sector.

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    Vietnam’s IT Sector: 5 Industries to Watch

    Vietnam’s IT sector is experiencing strong growth with significant opportunities for investors. Vietnam Briefing examines five industries currently trending in the IT sector.

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    Investing in Vietnam’s Consumer Market: An Overview

    Foreign investors looking to enter Vietnam’s evolving consumer market should carefully consider a multitude of factors to ensure successful operations.

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    Vietnam: New Requirements for Foreign-Invested Vocational Institutions

    Vietnam has issued new conditions for establishing foreign-invested vocational training institutions. Read more to know about the requirements which include establishment size, investment capital, training curriculum, opening representative offices and branches.

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    Vietnam’s New Incentives for Science and Technology Firms

    The government has announced new incentives such as corporate tax cuts and exemptions, and credit incentives for science and technology enterprises. Read more to know about government support and incentives which aims to promote scientific and technological research and development.

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    New Rules for Vietnam’s Medical Devices Businesses

    Vietnam has issued new guidelines for the management of medical devices, which will impact foreign manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment. Read more to know about the changes in classification, registration, and import regulations of medical devices.

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    Investments in Vietnamese Startups Tripled in 2018

    Last year, investments in Vietnamese startups almost tripled compared to 2017, with domestic investment funds accounting for more than half of the total investments. Read more to know about the major deals, investments funds, and major sectors in the startup market.

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    Vietnam’s Tourism Industry Continues its Growth in 2018

    With its rich heritage and diverse geography, Vietnam’s tourism industry continues to rank amongst the fastest-growing tourist destinations. However, much more needs to be done, if Vietnam wants to fully realize the potential of the tourism industry. Read more to know about the major destinations, industry revenue, international tourists, government policies, industry challenges, and growth forecast.

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    Vietnam’s Retail and Consumer Market Grows in 2018

    Vietnam’s retail sales and consumer services grew by 11.7 percent in 2018, driven by the growth in domestic demand and the tourism industry. Read more to know about the major economic activities in the sector and their growth forecast till 2025.

Showing 10 of 283 articles