Vietnam’s Cold Storage Industry: Drivers, Challenges and Market Entry


Vietnam Briefing profiles the cold storage industry including industry drivers, challenges, and market entry options in Vietnam.

Russia’s Renewable Energy Investment in Vietnam: New Projects Underway


Vietnam Briefing highlights Russian investment in the renewable energy sector in Vietnam including a recent cooperation agreement in wind energy.

Vietnam’s Coffee Market Faces Challenges Despite Strong Exports, Domestic Growth


Vietnamese coffee industry offers opportunities for investments in areas that could see Vietnam climb up the global coffee value chain.

Vietnam’s Energy Efficiency Project: Credit Guarantee for Energy Saving Businesses


Vietnam Briefing describes the Vietnam Scaling Up Energy Efficiency Project and the recent credit guarantee for energy-saving businesses.

Vietnam’s Circular Economy: Decision 687 Development Plan Ratified


As Vietnam shifts to a circular economy, Vietnam Briefing highlights the government’s new development plan to reuse, recycle and reduce waste.

Vietnam’s Food & Beverage Industry: Market Trends, Demographics, Consumer Preferences


Vietnam Briefing explores the driving factors behind the food and beverage industry including market trends, demographics, and consumer preferences

Vietnam Hit by Raw Material Shortages Disrupting Supply Chains: 7 Industries to Watch


Vietnam Briefing highlights raw material shortages disrupting supply chains including seven industries particularly impacted.

US Exempts Tariffs on Vietnamese Solar Panels for 2 Years: What to Expect


Vietnam Briefing highlights the recent tariff exemption of Vietnamese solar panels by the US and opportunities for solar panel manufacturers.

Vietnam’s Air Freight Industry Shows Strong Potential Despite Pandemic


Vietnam Briefing spotlights the country’s air freight industry which has shown strong potential despite the pandemic and has contributed US$12.5 billion to GDP.

Vietnam’s Health Supplement Market: Trends, Opportunities, Market Entry


Vietnam Briefing spotlights the health supplement market that is seeing an increase in demand due to evolving consumer preferences.

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