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    State Divestment: Exciting Opportunities for Investors

    Since the last few years, equitization has been a focus for the Vietnamese government. With 406 divestment planned until 2020, investors have an opportunity to invest in some of the largest companies in Vietnam. Read more to understand the divestment policy, investment hurdles, and the major companies to be divested.

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    Vietnam’s Solar Power Market

    The potential for solar energy in Vietnam is huge and far from fully realized. With growing energy demand, the industry offers immense investment opportunities. Read more to know about the industry potential, current projects, incentives, regulations, and major challenges faced by investors.

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    Vietnam: Growing Demand for Healthcare Services

    Demographic changes and economic development has led to the rapid growth in healthcare spending, thereby opening new opportunities for investors in areas such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, and medical training. Read more to know about Vietnam’s healthcare industry, hospital systems, and investment opportunities.

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    Vietnam: Media Habits of FMCG Consumers

    With rapidly changing consumer trends, advertising is key for attracting and retaining consumers in a dynamic emerging market like Vietnam. Read more to know about the different advertising channels and how consumers differ in terms of region, reach, and frequency.

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    Vietnam to Restrict Surging Scrap Imports

    Vietnam has tightened control over the rapidly growing imports of scrap, which can impact the steel, paper, and plastic industries. Read more to know about the new regulations, customs inspections, and industry impact.

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    Vietnam’s Snack Foods Market: Knowing Your Consumers

    To stay relevant, companies need to focus on the evolving consumer preferences in the snack market, the fastest growing segment in Vietnam’s food market. Read more to know about the market, consumer preferences, and trends.

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    Vietnam’s Aviation Industry: New Changes Proposed for Foreign Investors

    The new proposed changes in the aviation sector will further open up the market for foreign investors, leading to higher competition and reduced fares. Read more to know about the changes in minimum capital requirements and ownership limits.

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    Overview of the Automobile Industry in Vietnam

    As new regulations come into effect, car sales continue to fall. However, this is short-term and once the firms adjust to the new regulations, the industry is predicted to witness rapid growth. Read more to know about the industry, future outlook, new regulations, and the need for supporting industries.

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    Vietnam Legalizes Sports Betting

    Vietnam has legalized the principle of sports betting. This follows the legalization of betting on football games, horse races, and greyhound races as well as the opening up of casinos to Vietnamese nationals. Read more to know about the betting and gambling regulations, and what more needs to be done.

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    Opportunities in the Waste-to-Energy Sector in Vietnam

    Waste-to-energy solutions offer an environment-friendly means to generate electricity and treat solid wastes, which are currently being disposed in landfills. Read more to know about the sector, government policies, and investor opportunities in Vietnam

Showing 10 of 253 articles