Vietnam to Set Annual Solar and Wind Prices Under New Rules


Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued new rules for determining feed-in tariffs (FiTs) for new wind and solar projects. Here are the details.

Shrimp Farming in Vietnam: Opportunities for Foreign Firms


Despite their small size, shrimp have become big business in Vietnam. In this article, we take a broad overview of the sector and where foreign investors may find the most lucrative opportunities.

Investing in Cinnamon in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges


Vietnam is among the world’s biggest cinnamon exporters though this is mostly raw product with little value added. This could be an opportunity for foreign food processing firms to enter the market in a myriad of ways. In this article, we discuss what those ways are.

Due Diligence Procedures for Real Estate M&A in Vietnam


Vietnam is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and the country’s real estate sector is a major contributor to this trend. Here’s what firms should know about due diligence in real estate M&As.

Exploring Investment Opportunities in Vietnam’s Film Industry


The Vietnamese film “Tet o lang Dia Nguc” (Hellbound Village) occupied the top spot for weeks in Vietnam on streaming platforms Netflix and K+ Original, proof that Vietnamese films are becoming increasingly popular. This presents myriad investment opportunities for foreign movie makers, investors, and distributors. Here’s where they are.

Investment Opportunities in Vietnam’s Dairy Sector


Vietnam’s dairy sector is experiencing strong sales growth on the back of a middle-class that is expanding by the day. In this article, Vietnam Briefing examines opportunities in the sector for foreign firms but also the hurdles they may face.

The Future of Vietnam’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Unpacked


As a result of Vietnamese consumers having more money to spend on their healthcare, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry is booming. Here’s how Vietnam plans to manage that boom between now and 2030, and where it might be by 2045.

Case Study: Pandora and Vietnam’s Jewelry Market


Pandora is establishing a jewelry factory in Vietnam. Here’s what foreign jewelry firms can learn from Pandora’s experience.

Investment Opportunities in Vietnam’s Garment and Textile Industry


Vietnam Briefing highlights Vietnam’s fast evolving garment and textile industry – its development, growth, and opportunities for investors.

Supermarket Chains in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges


A burgeoning population, rising wealth, and the growing popularity of online shopping has seen supermarkets in Vietnam well poised for substantial growth and rapid modernization. Here’s what foreign investors should know.

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