Vietnam’s Crypto Market in the Aftermath of the FTX Collapse


Changes to Vietnam’s cryptocurrency market may be afoot after the collapse of FTX. Here’s why.

No World Cup for Vietnam but Still Key Player in World Football Market


Vietnam won’t be playing in the World Cup but that doesn’t mean it won’t be well represented on the pitch. Here’s how.

Google Wallet’s Arrival Highlights Fertile Fintech Sector in Vietnam


Google Wallet is now available in Vietnam where fintech is currently booming–here’s why.

The Untapped Potential in Vietnam’s Pre-school Market


Thinking of opening a pre-school in Vietnam? Here’s where the opportunities are.

Vietnam’s Food Service Industry: Consumer Behavior, Challenges, and Opportunities


Vietnam Briefing examines the growing food service industry including consumer behavior, trends and opportunities.

Vietnam’s Semiconductor Industry: Samsung Makes Further Inroads


Vietnam Briefing discusses Vietnam’s semiconductor industry, Samsung’s investment, and key insights by Filippo Bortoletti.

Vietnam’s Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges


Vietnam Briefing highlights the growing tech startup industry in Vietnam and the human resource challenges faced by the industry.

How Vietnam’s Telecom Industry Will Play a Key Role in Digital Transformation


Vietnam Briefing highlights the country’s growing telecom industry and how it will play a key role in digital transformation.

Vietnam’s Target for Carbon-Neutral Transportation: Opportunities and the Path Forward


Vietnam Briefing highlights the government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions with all transport to run on green energy by 2050.

Vietnam’s Emerging Cosmetics Industry: Strong Potential for Growing Market


Vietnam Briefing profiles the emerging cosmetics industry in Vietnam including the current scenario, opportunities, and challenges.

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