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Vietnam Tightens Multi-Level Marketing Regulations


Vietnam has tightened the multi-level marketing regulations to minimize fraudulent activities, protect the rights of participants, and increase oversight. Read more to know about the new regulations for conducting multi-level sales.

Vietnam: Registration of Technology Transfer Now Mandatory


Registration of technology transfer agreements has been made mandatory since July 1, 2018, which will enable government authorities to keep a track of all transfers.

New Bankruptcy Regulations in Vietnam


Vietnam issued new bankruptcy regulations to coordinate the enforcement of bankruptcy decisions by the court. Read more to know about the changes in enforcement deadlines, asset collections, and auctions.

Vietnam’s Education Sector: New Regulations for Foreign Investors (2018)


Vietnam issued new regulations for foreign investors in the education sector to stimulate investments and cooperation. Read more to know about the capital requirements, investment conditions, and partnerships with local educational institutions.

Vietnam’s Industrial Parks and Economic Zones – Updated Regulations on Management


Vietnam has issued new regulations on the management of industrial parks and economic zones, which will come into effect from July 10, 2018. Read more to know about the changes related to incentives, capital sources, eco-industrial parks, and export processing zones.

Vietnam Approves New Law on Cybersecurity


Vietnam recently passed a new cybersecurity law, which will compel offshore companies to store data locally, open local offices, and remove offensive content at the government’s request. Read more to know about the list of prohibited content and acts, key provisions, and its impact.

Vietnam: New Regulations on Temporary Import and Re-Export of Goods


Vietnam issued new regulations on temporary import and re-export of goods focusing on the processing of goods and time limits for re-exports to reduce violations. Read more to know about these regulations which are already in effect.

Vietnam: New Regulations for Online Gaming, Social Networks, and Information Websites


Vietnam has issued new regulations for social networking websites, information sites, and online gaming service providers. Read more to know about the new procedures and conditions related to licensing, user privacy, data retention, and content management.

Vietnam Copyright Law: New Regulations and Related Rights


Vietnam issued new guidelines regarding copyright registration certificates and collection and distribution of royalties. Read more to know about the new updated guidelines, enforcement agencies, and the IP and copyright protection regime in Vietnam.

New Regulations for Pharmaceutical Product Labelling in Vietnam


Vietnam issued a new Circular on the labeling of pharmaceuticals, replacing the current drug labeling regulations. Taking effect from June 1, 2018, manufacturers should take note of the new guidelines and regulations to ensure compliance.

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