A Guide to Public Holiday's and Leaves in Vietnam

Public holidays in Vietnam are administered by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam (MOLISA).  

The Vietnamese New Year, Tet is the most important holiday, observed in honor of religious freedom and the country’s political independence.

Did You Know?
Three significant days that are not officially recognized as paid holidays include the Anniversary of the Founder of the Communist Party, the Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, and Christmas.

Official public holiday schedule for 2024

Public Holiday Details Observed (2024) Days
Gregorian Calendar New Year Holiday January 1 Monday, January 1 1
Lunar New Year (Tet) Holidays February 10 Thursday, February 8 through Wednesday, February 14 5
Hung Kings Commemoration Day The 10th day of the third month of the lunar calendar Thursday, April 18 1
Victory Day April 30 Tuesday, April 30 1
International Labor Day May 1 Wednesday, May 1 1
National Day September 2 Saturday, August 31 to Tuesday, September 3 2

*Indicates the likely holiday based on convention; however, it is yet to be confirmed.

Note: When a public holiday falls on a weekend, the day on which it is observed is at the discretion of the prime minister.

Paid annual leave in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Labor Code provides employees who have worked with an employer for over 12 months to be entitled to fully paid annual leave as follows:

  • Employees working in normal conditions will be entitled to 12 days of leave.
  • Employees who are underage, disabled, work under arduous, toxic, and hazardous conditions, and who work under harsh living conditions will be entitled to 14 days of leave.
  • Employees who are subject to extremely heavy, hazardous, or dangerous conditions will be entitled to 16 days of leave.
  • Employees who have not yet worked for 12 months in one year for a single employer are entitled to have paid annual leave in line with the number of their working months, pro rata.
  • Employees who work with an employer for more than 5 years, will be entitled to one extra day of annual leave.
  • Employees who have their annual leave pending after resigning from an organization will be paid by the employer for the unused leave days.

Leave policy for independent contractors

Statutory employment rights under the Vietnam law are not applicable to independent contractors. This means independent contractors are not entitled to statutory leave like annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and unpaid leave, statutory insurance, severance, or job loss allowance upon termination of employment.

Maternity leave and adoption 

Female employees in Vietnam receive 6 months' leave.

If a female employee has more than one child, they are entitled to an extra 30 days for each additional child. After giving birth or adopting a child under four months old, female employees will receive a lump-sum allowance equivalent to 2 months' common minimum salary i.e., the lowest salary issued by the Government in each period per child. A female employee who has a child less than twelve months old is entitled to sixty minutes per working day to take care of their baby.

Employees are also granted leave in case of a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. The amount of leave granted is dependent on the length of the pregnancy. The labor code allows for 20 working days off for one to three months of pregnancy, 40 working days off for three to six months, and 50 days for a pregnancy over six months.

Paternity Leave

Fathers paying social insurance may take paternity leave in the first 30 days from the day the baby is born. They are entitled to paid leave of 5 days for a normal delivery and 7 for a surgical delivery. For twin births, the leave allowance increases to 10-14 days.

Further, the male employee is entitled to a lump sum of US$128 (VND 2,980,000) per child, equivalent to double the basic salary.


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